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Someone tell the President to lay off the pot

Yet more compelling evidence that the Nohmeister is either incredibly dense or smoking some really good shit - President Noh said yesterday that the government will seek to increase foreign investment in Korea to 14% of GDP by 2010, according to the Korea Times. At a seminar entitled "The European Experience with Regional Cooperation and Business Hubs," sponsored by the EU Chamber of Commerce in Korea and the Presidential Committee on North East Asia Business Hub, Noh said:

"In order to emerge as the business hub in North East Asia, Korea needs more foreign investment, and our goal is to increase foreign investment to 14 percent of GDP by 2010."
(Room breaks out into hysterical laughter)

The President later vowed to double the government's efforts to turn Korea into the "hub of peace and prosperity in North East Asia," saying:

"Korea will be able to inject fresh air into the economies in North East Asia and the world."
(Room breaks out into hysterical laughter)

Don't bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me....

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