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Rail workers set to strike

This is way past ridiculous now. Korea's railway workers union issued an ultimatum yesterday - nullify the railway reform bill to be presented to the National Assembly next week, or else we will - you guessed it - go on strike. The bill seeks to turn the Korean National Railway Corporation into a public corporation; it was initially premised on privatizing the industry, but that plan was changed by the Noh administration out of fear of the railway workers union.

The only possible good I can see coming from all of this is that if labor groups (and their friends) keep this up, public revulsion may reach such a point that even Noh would be forced to read these people the riot act and / or launch a serious crack down. Korean leftists tend toward the self-destructive - they push it and push it until the inevitable (negative) reaction falls upon them. Even Noh's patience must have its limits.

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