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Outstanding letter to the Chosun Ilbo

Cho Su-ha of Virginia expresses his righteous indignation about South Korean silence concerning North Korea's human rights situation in a powerful letter to the Chosun Ilbo. You should read it in its entirety (it's a bit long), but I'll reprint its finale here; truer words have never been written:

South Korea�s grain of moral redemption will be Durihana, Open Doors, and others like them. These brave ministers and missionaries are giving the North Korean people hope that the Sunshine Policy will never give them. These men and women have the moral clarity to see Sunshine for what it is - the bulk rental of North Korean slave labor by South Korean corporations. It is a policy that fattens the oppressors and keeps Korea divided in the name of "economic stability." The liberalization of North Korea will never happen until the glorious day Kim Jong Il kicks away his vile little existence at the end of a hangman's rope.

The salvation of North Korea will be the peasant leaders and missionaries who will stop waiting for South Korea to awake from its self-delusion; they will seize freedom with brave hearts and bare hands. When the next Righteous Army liberates a camp arsenal at Yodok, barricades the mountain roads near the Chongjin Reservoir, or seizes a food warehouse in Wonsan, the North Korean people will thaw their frozen souls on the sparks that will ignite freedom in North Korea like a lake of gasoline. Then, when the smoke clears and KBS crews arrive at the concentration camps, the South Koreans will begin many generations of explaining why they let all this slaughter go on without raising a whimper of protest. Thankfully, Durihana and a few others will be remembered for fighting oppression, apathy and appeasement. Ten years from now, how many South Koreans will earnestly wish they had been a part of Durihana and its genuine liberation struggle back in 2003? To all those with courage and conscience, stand up now.

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