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The North remembers

I heard it on the news this morning, but I just stopped by KNCA to confirm it - the North held remembrance ceremonies for the two middle school girls killed last year in a training accident in Yangju. During a photo exhibit on the incident, Kim Mi-hyang, a student at Pyongyang Kyonghung Middle School, ran up to the pictures and cried,

"Hyosun! Miseon! Why did you have to die? You didn't do anything wrong... we know well... it's because of those beasts that can't live without the blood of others - those jackles, the Americans!"

효순아,미선아! 너희들은 왜 이렇게 죽어야만 했니? 아무런 죄도 지은적 없는 너희들인데 우리는 똑똑히 알고 있어,남의 피를 보지 않고는 순간도 살지 못하는 야수,바로 미국승냥이놈들때문이란걸

No dehumanization there. Yun Hak-ch'eol, a student at Yonsei Kim Ch'aek University, promising revenge against the American imperialists, said - and this is a good one -

"Looking at the pictures of those American invaders and murders laughing at the deaths of those two girls who were torn apart, I shook my first... I can't stand it any longer. To release the resentment built up from the blood of Hyo-sun, Mi-seon... the blood of the entire race, I will pick up the gun when I graduate."

갈기갈기 찢겨 져 쓰러 진 두 녀학생의 죽음에 도전이나 하듯 히물히물 웃고 있는 저 미제침략군,살인자들의 몰골을 담은 사진을 보니 주먹이 떨려 참을수 없습니다.나는 효순이와 미선이,아니 우리 온 민족의 피 맺힌 원한을 풀기 위해 대학을 졸업하면 총대를 잡겠습니다.

To be fair to the North Koreans, we hear a lot of the same stuff south of the 38th, too. However, rather than picking up the gun, an increasing number of South Korean college grads are looking to avoid the gun and emigrate, the land of the Beasts and Jackels a favored destination, ironically enough. This is an option somewhat limited for their northern comrades - not counting refugee status in northern China, of course.

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