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  • Pogue (who's taking a bit of a break from blogging) sent me this article from the Telegraph reporting how a number of young Korean men are attempting to dodge military service by getting tattooed. Stop laughing, it's the truth - according to Telegraph piece, ROK military law states that men with "excessively large" tattoo are exempt from conscription, on the basis that the appearance of tattoos are "abominable" to their fellow soldiers. Recently, however, the government has been cracking down on those found to be "willfully tampering with their bodies to avoid military duty," arresting 170 young men so accused.

    Ordinarily, I'd make some sarcastic comment about the manhood of South Korea's younger generation (the men, anyway). However, in light of the absolutely disgraceful way in which the government chose to "honor" those sailors who not only served, but died for their country, I'll reserve my criticism for now. Why should anyone be willing to die for this country when the nation's leaders treat its fighting men like shit?

  • Seth Richardson sent me this piece of actually real news, courtesy the Yomiuri Shinbum of Japan, concerning the state of the KEDO project in North Korea. Seems the US and Japan want to halt work on the two light-water nuclear reactors being provided under the 1994 Agreed Framework, but South Korea is insisting that the project continue - go figure.
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