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Pic ripped off from ''This week's award goes to Kim Jong-p'il - veteran politician, president of the minor opposition United Liberal Democrats, father of the KCIA who tried to kill Kim Dae-jung twice only to become his Prime Minister in 1995, mastermind behind of the 1961 coup that brought Park Jong-hee to power, and all-around dodgy character - for having the balls to come out and say this concerning Japan's "war contingency legislation":

"I understand Japan is to make the least reinforcement possible to its national defense as a sovereign country as North Korea continues to harass it with nuclear weapons and sending mystery vessels to its coast."
My jaw dropped - not because I disagree with the elder politician, but because I thought it would be a cold day in Hell before I heard a Korean politician utter something so completely sensible about Japan, even if it is coming from a man I'd trust only as far as I could throw him. Perhaps they grow' em different up there in Taejon.
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