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Korean soldier killed in car accident involving USFK vehicle

Courtesy the Korea Herald:

A Korean Army officer was killed yesterday when his civilian vehicle ran into a U.S. Marine Corps' 7-ton truck in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, the U.S. Forces Korea said.

The accident came on the eve of the first anniversary of the death of two Korean schoolgirls who were struck by a U.S. armored vehicle, which sparked massive anti-American protests.

"Preliminary reports indicate the Korean soldier's vehicle was in the opposite lane of a two-lane road at the time of the collision. The Korean Army officer died at the scene," the USFK said in a statement.

Opposite lane of a two-lane road? Does that, by any chance, mean "the wrong lane?" Not that this stopped OhMyNews from pointing figures at you know who; a poster at Korea Media Watch pointed to this report, which reads towards the end (and I'm using the poster's excellent translation here):

Ohmynews: Were there any witnesses to the accident? Photographer: As far as I know, there were none.

Ohmynews: The US military and the police are claiming that Captain Noh crossed the center line and caused the accident. Photographer: I think it is very possible that it was the other way around. The US military vehicle was stopped 2/3s over the center line into the opposing lane.

Ohmynews: Do you think it was possible that Captain Noh was dozing off while he was driving? Photographer: Don't you find it hard to believe that a person on his way to work at the base in the morning would be dozing off?

Ohmynews: What is the scene of the accident like right now? Photographer: Captain Noh's car was removed immediately after the accident, and the US military vehicle is just now being towed.

Ohmynews: Were there any peculiarities found with the US military vehicle? Photographer: The US military vehicle has three wheels on each side for a total of six. Two wheels of each side will not move, so the towing process is proving difficult. I am wondering if the fact that the wheels not moving may have caused the US military vehnicle to cross the center line?

Ohmynews: What have the people involved in the towing process said? Photographer: I was curious about that too and asked, but they are not saying much.

I'm curious as to why OhMyNews would report something like that when even one of the Korean marines said that other car crossed into the wrong lane, and the USFK vehicle swerved in an attempt to avoid a collision? Another thing about which I'm curious - there have been several accidents lately in that area (including last year's tragic accident involving the two middle school girls), yet no one is putting two and two together and reaching the conclusion that anybody who has lived in northern Kyonggi Province (as I have) could tell you - the roads up there suck, and if you want to find Hyo-sun and Mi-seon's real "murders," they can be found at Korea's Ministry of Construction and Transportation !!!!
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