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Joseph Steinberg over at A Layman's Opinion contributes some very interesting commentary on blogging and the threat that it poses to established media organizations (like those schmucks at the Joongang Ilbo!). He also challenges us Korea bloggers to elevate our work beyond descriptions of expat hedonism. Writes Mr. Steinberg:

I've pledged myself not to talk about teaching on my site, and I try to sublimate my observations with news items and other personal experiences. I wish other expats would take the same pledge: no shop-talk, no bar drool, no skirt-chasing mini-epics! Its time to raise the bar, even if some of our students can't even ask in English for directions to it. Its time to have some pride, and show our guests what they need to find!
In the main, Steinberg's call to bloggoristic integrity is well-taken, although there are a number of weblogs out there - the Hong Kong-based Gweilo Diaries comes immediately to mind - that manage to combine somewhat off-color content (i.e. gratuitous booby shots) with extremely high-quality news and analysis; the gutter might not always be such a terrible place to visit from time to time (that is, if you associate boobies with the gutter; I rather regard them as sublime). Regardless, A Layman's Opinion is a cornucopia of thought-provoking opinions and analysis on all things Korean (and even things non-Korean) - please pay the man's blog a visit.

One other shout out: For more quality opinions (albeit quite different from mine) concerning events on da' peninsula from a knowledgeable expat, take a look at Kathreb. The Joongang might have snubbed you, but the Marmot certainly won't.

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