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The Marmot would like to express his gratitude to Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit for linking to my humble slice of the blogosphere. For first time visitors, we here at the Marmot's Hole focus on issues pertaining to the fascinating yet bewilderingly complex Korean peninsula. Pride of place is given to inter-Korean issues, the North Korean nuclear program, and the seemingly never-ending disaster that is South Korean politics under Comrade Noh Mu-hyeon. For the Korean-impaired, you can also find translations and occasional fiskings of the Hankyoreh Shinmun, South Korea's leading leftist rag. Other topics of conversation include expat life in South Korea, Korean cultural properties, Mongolian womanhood, and as the summer progresses, my passion for Korean dog meat soup.

BTW, much thanks go to Plunge, not only for e-mailing Instapundit about the Condie Rice quote, but for also giving me a shout out over at Chief Wiggles. I really appreciate it. Kamsa-hamnida

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