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Great articles from the National Review

Reader Kevin O'Brien sent me some links to a number of slightly dated, but nevertheless excellent (and still very relevant) articles by the Hoover Institute's Stanley Kurtz in the National Review. These should be required reading for anyone even remotely interested in the current showdown here in Korea. Anyway, here are the links - be sure to click them.

Part I
Part II
Part III

Mr. O'Brien also requested some commentary on the articles - let's just say that, for the most part, I find Kurtz's analysis to be right on target. I'm not quite as fatalistic, however, as far as the inevidability of war on the Korean peninsula is concerned; even Kurtz admits that the US may very well be able to launch air strikes on the North without provoking the "unimaginable disaster" threatened by Pyongyang (not that I'm suggesting the US actually do it... right now, anyway). After all, I can't imagine that the North Korean leadership want to sign their own death warrants. Still, there's always the danger of miscalculation - if the North was really that smart, it probably wouldn't be in the position in which it currently finds itself. Anyway, I've written a couple of op-ed pieces for Command Post in which I explain ad nauseum why I think a negotiated settlement with the North is impossible, and if I recall correctly, I think I make a number of policy suggestions as well. You can find those op-ed pieces at the following links:

Is a "Big Deal" with North Korea Really Possible?
Is this the Way Out with North Korea?

Oh, and Mr. O'Brien was kind enough to send a link to this excellent piece by the American Enterprise Institute's Joshua Muravchik in Commentary Magazine which does an outstanding job of explaining just how we managed to get ourselves into this mess.

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