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China Backs 5-Way Talks on N. Korean Nuclear Issue

Korea Herald

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia _ China Tuesday welcomed the five-way multilateral talks pursued by South Korea, Japan and the United States to discuss the festering standoff over North Korean nuclear weapons program.

Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing, during talks with South Korean Foreign Affairs-Trade Minister Yoon Young-kwan and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi, said Beijing will provide full-fledged support in bids to resume the dialogue on the North Korean nuclear issue as soon as possible.

``Li said if the U.S. and North Korea concur on the matter, China would welcome it,’’ said Deputy Foreign Minister Lee Su-hyuk, briefing on the outcome of the three-way meeting at the Inter-Continental Hotel Tuesday morning. ``He said China will exert all efforts to resolve the (North Korean) nuclear issue through dialogue using peaceful means.’’

Gee, thanks a lot, Beijing. By the way, let me just say it now - while I fully support the inclusion of South Korea in talks with the North Koreans, I would not be surprised in the very least if Noh tried to undercut the States during negotiations. I'm fairly confident about Japan being a team player, you know China's going to continue pretending like it's an honest broker, and North Korea's about as predictable as Islander's GM Mike Milbury on draft day. It's the South Koreans the Americans have got to watch out for - Noh's just as likely to ambush the Americans as he is to talk tough to Pyongyang. Just something to consider.
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