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Seriously, I'm at a total loss for what to do. This all started a couple of days ago when I got a message from Randall Parker of Parapundit alerting me to the fact that my page was not showing up properly on Mozilla family browsers. Given that a) I'm no web designer by any stretch of the imagination and b) I had pretty much hand-crafted my old template, I figured that human error was to blame and switched back to a standard Blogger template. Has this solved the problem? No. In fact, I've gotten a couple of e-mails now telling me that the problem has actually gotten worse. One of my regular readers (and I don't have that many), who didn't have any problems with the old template, is now reporting that his Mac (Safari browser) isn't formatting the blog properly. I downloaded a copy of Mozilla Firebird v 0.6 Korean version (much thanks go to Mr. Parker) and immediately learned two things - 1) Firebird is a damn fine browser and 2) yep, my page is all fucked up. Actually, it's not formatting too badly, at least on my system, but there are a couple of problems, namely
1) my blogroll (courtesy is not showing up
2) my comments (Blogout) are not showing up
3) my archives (and I didn't even touch those) are not showing up
4) my site meter isn't there.
I'm exasperated. Does anyone out there have any suggestions and/or is willing to give a young blogger a hand?

UPDATE: I've noticed that when the browser encoding is set to English, the text wrap-around tends to be messed-up. This problem seems to go away when encoding is set to Korean. I'm not sure how to correct this problem automatically, but I'm working on it. Moreover, that still wouldn't explain the missing blogroll, comments, and archives when viewing from a Mozilla browser. The mind boggles...

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