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Axis? What Axis?

Well, this can't be good. Courtesy Reuters (via Yahoo! News):

Report: Iran Nuke Experts Visited N.Korea This Year

TOKYO (Reuters) - Iranian experts on nuclear issues secretly visited North Korea (news - web sites) this year, possibly to ask North Korean officials for advice on how to handle international inspectors, a Japanese newspaper said on Wednesday.

The Iranian experts made three visits to North Korea between March and May, the conservative Sankei Shimbun said, quoting what it described as "a Korean peninsula source," who was not named.

The visits "may have been intended to ask North Korea for know-how on how to act when accepting inspectors," Sankei quoted the source as saying. "Cooperation on nuclear development may also have been discussed," the source added.

A spokesman for Iran's Atomic Energy Organization denied that any officials from the country's nuclear body had visited North Korea [Lies! All lies!]. Foreign Ministry officials did not return calls seeking comment on the report.

Maybe the Sunshine people are right - North Korea really is striving to break out of its self-imposed isolation.
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