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Anti-North Rally Set

An anti-North Korean / pro-American rally is set for today in front on Seoul City Hall, reports the Joongang Ilbo. According to the Joongang:

About 100,000 people will rally in the City Hall plaza at 5 p.m. today to protest North Korea's nuclear ambitions. The demonstration will also protest Kim Jong-il's rule and call for a strengthened alliance between South Korea and United States.

The protesters will include Kang Young-hoon, former prime minister, Chung Ki-seung, former justice of the Supreme Court, and Song Bok, a professor at Yonsei University. The Christian Council of Korea, the Korea Freedom League, and the Veterans Association are sponsors of the rally.

A memorial service for the six South Korean naval officers killed in last year's clash with North Korean warships in the Yellow (West) Sea will also be held. Note to Noh Mu-hyeon and Kim Dae-jung: See that! Some people remember the fallen, even if you bastards don't.

The Korea Times ran an interview with Pong Du-wan, chairman of the civic group Citizens United for Better Society and one of the organizers of the planned rally. Pong shares some of his views concerning engagement with North Korea and the alliance with the United States. On the latter issue, Pong says:

The Korean youth today only remember the deaths of two Korean girls who were accidentally killed by a U.S. armored vehicle last year, but do not recognize the sacrifices of their grandfathers who shed their blood during the Korean War to safeguard this democracy.
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